Drive Safe this Winter


Drive Safe this Winter with a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report

Our 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report is free with every service at Crossroads Mechanical in Forrestdale. Our qualified mechanics will visually check over the important components of your vehicle and provide you with a written report on the condition of your vehicle. We can then help you understand any concerns which may need to be attended so that you can drive safe this winter with Crossroads Mechanical and Repco Authorised Service.

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Safe Winter Driving Tips

While everyone in the southern half of the country is bracing for a wet winter, the top half of Australia is enjoying their dry season.

The result of that could be very different approaches to be prepared for winter driving; however the essentials of safe winter motoring remain unchanged. So what can you do to make sure your car is ready for safe winter motoring?


Let's keep it clear

Who hasn’t had that moment when you turn on the wipers at the first spot of rain and realise they haven't been replaced in years! Wiper blades age and become less effective - especially after a long hot summer. A good quality wiper blade like Trico is essential to help you see your way clear regardless of the weather. Crossroads Mechanical can recommend a wiper blade or assembly that is right for your car.


Keep It Fluid

Fluids and other mechanisms in your car can be effected by cold weather; such as coolants, oils and items such as glow plugs in diesel vehicles. Regular services are important - especially by an expert who understands the best parts and products to keep your car in peak operating condition. We use high quality NGK glow plugs and Penrite oils and fluids that are designed for Australian conditions.

Drive to the conditions

Conditions change - and you need to adjust, as well. If visibility is poor or the weather is wet - slow down and leave a larger than normal stopping distance between yourself and the vehicle in front.
Drive on the safe side and book in today for a service or a  65 Point Vehicle Inspection report.


Could you stop in time?

Look for the signs that your brakes need some attention, such as vibrating, spongy or slow responding brake pedal, strange sounds or difficult handling when applying pressure to your brakes. If your car is doing any of these it's best to have a qualified mechanic check it out.

Bald tyres = dangerous driving. Now is the time to check how much tread depth you have. If you notice spots which are worn unevenly, this could indicate that your shock absorbers or some other vital part of your steering and suspension systems are due for service or replacement. Find out more about the components that affect your tyre wear on the links below:

As well as costing you more money on fuel, driving on incorrectly inflated tyres can also impact your ability to brake effectively. You can usually find manufacturers recommendations on a panel inside the driver side door.

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